About me




“I have been active as a stylist for more than 20 years, with the last few years a strong focus on my jewellery designs. That expanded further and further along with the spoon ring line (Pythia Chiara) also bracelets and ... As the Pythia Chiara line grew, I was increasingly asked by commercial clients who know me from my work as a stylist to create a complete concept for the brand. In fact, it's not just about showcasing a brand at its best, I want extract the essence of the product. The beauty lies in the simplest details. Designing the complete creative concept together with the customer is something in which I can.. 

With crazy assignments such as designing the looks for the DJ’s Headhunters & Wildstylez ,rockband Within Temptation , stagewear, futuristic outfits for Philips and bridal wear for artistic couples incl the wedding jewelry , I became increasingly inspired to devote myself entirely to creative packaging! "

Skills and expertise: 


Original styling that showcases the brand or product next level

Jewellery design (Pythia Chiara)

Producing custom made pieces on demand for any occasion: unique bridal wear or Performance outfits.

Advertising design

Creative packaging: from concept to execution. All in one. 


Modus Operandus:


Extracting the essentials

Strong in style but not overbearing

Revealing the beauty of the simple details

Always out of the ordinary but still accessible


The client is King


Noted clients styling:

Vodafone, L'oreal, Bloemenburo Holland ,and BMW , bands as Destiny's Child, Within Temptation, Di-Rect

Magazines: Linda, Winq and Link and many more. 


Noted artistic and commercial collaborations photography;

 Erwin Olaf, Marcel van der Vlugt, Carli Hermes, Wil van der Vlugt (film), Edland Man (art), Fritz Kok (fashion),  Alek Bruessing and Ruud Baan


Noted Clients custom made design:

Within Temptation, Qlimax, Philips, Hotel W , Edison Pop Awards, Veronica, BNN and Elle Bandita 



Fashion, fashion victims, fashion icons, people, controversy, provocations, good taste and the beauty of bad taste!